Nusa Lembongan

Map Of Nusa Lembongan

Hi….and welcome to our Map of Nusa Lembongan.

Our Map has over 100 locations for many of the Restaurants, Bars, Beaches, Surf Breaks and Schools, Dive Sites and Businesses, Yoga Studio’s, Spas, Places Of Interest and more.

Basically, when you click on a place on the map a tile will open up with information for that place.

The information contained includes photos, a description, links to TripAdvisor reviews if relevant, links to websites and Facebook pages and videos in some instances.

To open the Map Legend/Key click/tap on the symbol (rectangle with small right-pointing arrow) at the top left of the map.


Because our Map has been set up in Google My Maps and then embedded on to our website the functionality and ease of use varies dependant on the device (eg Samsung, Pixel, iPhone or iPad) you are seeing this on and the browser (eg Google Chrome or Safari) window you use.

To get around most of these problems if you click/tap “View larger map” (it is the square like symbol showing only its corners) at the top right of the map, this will open the map in Google Maps.

Alternatively, click/tap HERE and it will open up a new tab on to our Map of Nusa Lembongan in Google Maps.

We love ❤️ sharing our beautiful island.
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