Christmas and the New Year sees Nusa Lembongan at its busiest as travellers from all around the world set foot upon this small island paradise.

We would like to share some handy tips, some things to do and how best to get around Nusa Lembongan during this busy time of the year.

(Updated for Christmas and New Year 2017)
(There are 2 downloadable PDF’s at the end of this post listing where to go for New Year’s Eve and Christmas)

Getting around the Island



Scooters are the most common form of transport on Nusa Lembongan, for both locals and tourists. You can hire by the hour, a full day or for the duration of your stay on the island. The best place to find scooter hire is around the beach area in Jungut Batu where the boat from Bali arrives and departs. Please ensure you check your travel insurance terms and conditions for riding a scooter and that you meet the appropriate licence requirements.

At approximately 8 square kilometres in size, Nusa Lembongan is perfect for jumping on a bicycle and taking everything in at a pace much more accustomed to island life. Discover some of the smaller Banjar (villages) that are inland along the small tracks not accessible by larger vehicles and tour groups. Visit some of the temples and along the way stop and meet some of the locals as they tend to their seaweed drying out by the road. As with most things in the tropics head out early to beat the humidity and make sure you drink plenty of water along the way.

353°N - Nusa Lembongan Map

Golf Buggies are fast becoming a common sight on the island, as well as a growing number of cars with drivers for those preferring air-conditioned comfort. Be warned, to travel by car during the busy times of the day could take a while as the narrow roads are not designed for cars and sadly traffic jams are becoming more frequent. As with all modes of transport for hire, your place of stay or where you disembark the boat from Bali will give you the best price.Wayan Dana

If the thought of navigating the roads at night to visit that restaurant you heard about has you worried then you are in luck as many of the restaurants offer a complimentary pickup and drop off service. Just pop in during the day and give them your place of pick up and a time. Even more convenient if you’re staying at 353 Degrees North is the villa mobile we give you upon check-in. Simply call them up.

We are more than happy to assist with your preferred mode of transport so please enquire at the time of your booking or with Kiri, our amazing Operations Manager, who will be more than happy to assist you. That also goes for all of the island activities and tours in your ‘Guest Welcome Book’.

Things to Do on the Island

Water Activities:

Nusa Lembongan and the neighbouring islands of Nusa Penida and Nusa Ceningan are renowned for their amazing marine life.



Scuba diving and Snorkelling:

It’s no surprise that this is world class.

To share the ocean with the gigantic Manta Rays that reside at the aptly named Manta Point is truly an experience you will never forget.

The vibrant colours of the abundant marine life that inhabit the delicate coral beds will take your breath away. It is like jumping into your own private aquarium.

The island’s waters also see the rare sunfish or “Mola Mola” come to the surface so if you are lucky enough to spy one of these rare disc-shaped fish you will have a story not many others can tell as Nusa Lembongan is one of the few dive sites in the world that the magnificent “Mola Mola” can be sighted. Marvel at the “heaviest bony fish in the world” by taking a closer look at our previous blog. Come dive with the “Mola Mola”

Mola Mola - Nusa Lembongan

For those who prefer action above the water, there are plenty of options. From stand up paddleboarding to fishing. Maybe you would prefer to cruise the islands on a 64 ft Catamaran with lunch. Whatever you decide the links below will help you with the many options available. Now the hard decision is which one?

Rocky Fast Boat Day

    CruisesBali Hai – Day Cruises

Stand Up PaddleBoarding Jungut batu Bay Nusa Lembongan 2016


Surf Breaks:

Surfers have been visiting Nusa Lembongan for decades and the year-round surfing conditions and warm water make it a favourite for surfers of all levels.

If you are new to surfing then Playgrounds is the spot for you. The smaller surf makes it easy to catch a wave or two.

Lacerations and Shipwrecks are for the more experienced surfer.

The point on Ceningan Island is great when there is no swell on Nusa Lembongan.

Or for something a little different there is a:


Mangrove Tour:

Enjoy some quiet time as one of the local guides uses a pole to silently glide you along in a wooden canoe as you get an understanding of the important part the mangroves play in the ecosystem.


There are currently 4 ATM’s on the island. There used to be only one for many years which didn’t always work and was prone to running out of money, especially during the busy times. Now there is 4 that function this way.  There is a handful of money exchangers located mainly in the Jungut Batu area.

Most large resorts accept credit cards, however, you will need cash for hiring and any activities so we recommend withdrawing sufficient amounts before visiting the island.


December and January fall within the rainy season in Indonesia and humidity is around 80+% with daily temperature ranges from 26 -36°C.

What to pack:

With the weather so extremely humid, pack loose, light clothing, and a long sleeve shirt for sun protection along with a hat.

Other island essentials include a camera, travel adapter and for those with a bit more space in their luggage a portable power bank (handy for those unpredictable power outages that occur).

Don’t forget to pack sunscreen, insect repellent, small first aid kit with betadine and ensure your travel insurance is organised.

Where to go for that all important Christmas Lunch

Restaurants With Christmas Menus On Nusa Lembongan – 2017
(click/tap on the restaurants’ menus to be re-directed to their Facebook page)

Are you looking where to go for New Year’s Eve on Nusa Lembongan? We have a FREE downloadable PDF of all the places having New Year’s Eve parties with a brief description to help you with your decision making.
Have a Great Night and Stay Safe.
Merry New Year everyone and may 2018 be so much fun for you.

Where To Go For New Years On Nusa Lembongan 2017


Wishing you a Fabulous Festive Season and an Amazing New Year

From the “353 Degrees North” Team,

Jodie, Michael, Kiri, Made, Ekka, Budi and of course Molly & Max.

Thank you for your support in 2017

and we look forward to sharing 2018 with you.

353 Staff - Christmas 2016









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